Do you need a convenient location for your clients to meet you in order to complete their workout?


      Perhaps you want to take advantage of more spacious surroundings and equipment in order to introduce some variation into your clients’ routines?


      In these circumstances and more, our gym facilities, conveniently situated in Port Washington, can work exceptionally well.


      Please take a look over our conditions, fees and rules of operation:

      • The independent trainer pays $25.00/client/session
      • A trainer can opt to purchase a package of 10 at $200.00 ($20.00/client/session)
      • *All Prices subject to NY tax
      • The independent trainer must list Team Cirker LLC dba NXT GEN Fitness on their insurance policy as an additional insured and must have an active CPR certificate.
      • The independent trainer’s clients must sign the waiver.
      • No open toed shoes or boots are permitted on the gym floor.
      • No eating of any type of food is permitted on the gym floor.
      • Proper gym attire is required.
      • The client must be under the personal trainer's supervision at all times.
      If you’d like to be one of the growing numbers of trainers that use our gym facilities for their work, we look forward to hearing from you.
      To find out more about what we can offer complete this form and we will contact you.
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